Clicking twice on the "show desktop" button sometimes doesn't bring up what you had initially?

I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this in a test case, but it happens daily. And this is not the same issue as my old question which I asked prior to learning about the different “modes” of that button; I have it set to “Minimize all Windows” (not “Peek at Desktop”).

The issue: First I click the bottom-right button to show the desktop (minimize anything that is on the screen). Then I click it again, expecting to get back whatever I was looking at before clicking it. Usually, this does happen.

But sometimes, it does not. Instead of bringing back my Vivaldi that was maximized, for example, it brings up pgAdmin 4 maximized, as well as a Dolphin instance on top of it. Both of those applications were minimized when I first clicked the button, so they should not be involved at all.

Also, if you have two instances of an application opened, so that they group in the taskbar, it can bring up the right application but the wrong instance. (For example, the secondary Vivaldi browser profile instead of the primary one.)

What causes this to happen? It varies seemingly depending on what programs you have opened/maximized/non-minimized when initially clicking the button. It actually eerily reminds me of similar issues while I was using Windows 10.

you want to use the alternate Minimize Desktop instead.

It only has the two modes that I mentioned, though?

if i manually minimize something from the taskbar the minimize/restore all button does not affect them.

the minimize/restore all button only seems to minimize/restore things that were first minimized by pressing the minimize/restore all button

minimize/restore all button.

At risk of repeating myself, I have to once again respond with: “Huh?!”

i’m saying i think you have a bug with your implementation of KDE

debian does have a backports repository, i believe so maybe try updating to that if you are willing.

There are some known bugs with restoring the prior state when you switch to the “Minimize All” mode. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not the default.

There are no updates for KDE Plasma in Debian Backports (and have never been to my knowledge).