Clipboard Manager + Spectacle

I’ve been using Ditto Clipboard Manager on Windows. While it looks basic, it is very full featured.

There were some simple but outstanding time saved on Ditto that would be worth at least a chat.

The hot key opens the clipboard list where the cursor is. Save a lot of mouse movement.

When you select the item that is what is pasted. No make top of list then paste as separate moves.

If you held down the shift key when pasting all formatting was stripped.

If you select multiple items they are pasted in that order.

Why does this matter and when does it shine as needed?

Academic stuff

Referencing web content
Heading, date, body, author
Copy copy copy copy
Endnote or some other… Paste paste paste paste

Copying that to a page
Select in order, paste

Ditto does lots of stuff but these feature made it essential when doing academic writing and taking notes.


Second thing… I LOVE the screen capture with the ability to annotate, even if 90% of that is just cropping.

Funny I’d copied an image and just expected those tools to be there. Course that is a different app.

To take an image from the clipboard and bring it into the Spectacle app would be excellent.