Close all dolphin windows at once

I’m using Dolphin on KDE Neon (Plasma 5). I often find myself with multiple open Dolphin windows. Is there any way to quickly close all those windows with a single action? The fastest way I’ve found is to open the overview, search on dolphin and then individually click the “x” on each preview window.

For single action, learn to use tabs :wink:

For 2 actions, right-click the Dolphin icon in the Panel and “Close all” ?


Right-click on the grouped icon in your Task Manager and click on “Close all”.

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This is why I use tabs and a few other reasons. Unless I am trying to compare visually the different files of something I never use more than 1 instance and the times I do this are so rare I can’t even remember the last time I did it even vaguely

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If you don’t “group” in the Task Manager, you could set up a widget that runs the command

killall dolphin

A way to do this is to add an entry using the “KDE Menu Editor” (right-click the menu button, “Edit Applications”). Then you can drag the menu entry to where you want a widget, or assign a shortcut.

I don’t recommend that as it will cause Dolphin to exit uncleanly, and it might not properly save its settings or anything it had open.

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Than you, but why would it be unclean? killall just sends the TERM signal by default.

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Not all GUI software handles that signal as you’d expect, unfortunately. Everything should, but not everything does.

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In ‘Icons-only-task-manager’ there are a couple of options…

You can set Middle-Click to close the group (and context menu to open new window).

I currently set Middle click to minimise them though.