Color correction

Which filters do you use for color correction?
My favorites are:
White Balance (LMS space)

points white balance
then or curves or lift gamma gain

usually curves for color correction, and LGG for colorgrading, or apply LUT :sweat_smile: found on the web lol

What do you mean by LGG?

I think this is shorthand for LiftGammaGain

This could be so that LGG means Lift/Gamma/Gain. This is such an important filter, I just don’t understand why the makers from Kdenlive don’t set out to fix it. Lift’s color wheel doesn’t work, unfortunately, and hasn’t for at least 3 years. Too bad.

Well, you can always enter a comment along those lines in the bug report for the broken LGG effect. This brings the bug back to the beginning of the list (sort by last_changed). I also shows that ppl care about this effect …

Hello @berndmj,
I wrote again in the bug report - does this correspond to your suggestion?

LGG for Lift Gamma Gain yes.
I have no problem with Lift’s color personnaly

Hello @Nemesis
you really have to explain that to me. This problem has existed for at least three years.
Which operating system and which Kdenlive version do you have?
When I move the center point in Lift/gamma/gain in the color circle on Lift, nothing happens.

There is a real bug. With gamma and gain no problem.
Please try it with you and report.

I’ve tried on my end and Lift works (Windows 10, Kdenlive 22.12.3):

Make sure to lower the black-to-white scale (not sure what that’s called lol)

To answer your initial question, I like “Bezier Curves” a lot. I always felt like they gave the most natural results. I also like “White Balance (LMS space)” for white balance and “Apply LUT”.

The most important thing for me with colour correction has been to learn to read and pay attention to the different graphs (RGB Parade, Vectorscope).

Hello @candidexmedia
Yes, that is exactly the problem: You can only change the point in the color circle of Lift if a certain value has already been set before. This is not the case with gamma and gain.
I help myself by not using the color circle at all for Lift and only adjusting the numerical values there with the mouse wheel.

“Bezier Curves”

Also a very powerful and important tool - but it can’t be used at all at the moment, Kdenlive crashes immediately when I use Bézier Curve.

I am on debian 11, flatpak install of last version 23.04.01 version.

I’ll check tonight to confirm, or not. it s true that I always adjust contrast first so maybe I just didn’t saw the bug lol.

Which OS and Kdenlive version are you usi?

Manjaro Linux, Kdenlive 22.12.3. And on my Windows machine, the same thing.

The problem with LGG has existed since I started using Kdenlive, for at least almost three years.

Indeed, whitout surprise you are right.
that’s crazy I use it since quite some years and never saw it : :rofl:
I guess I have always “touch” the contrast. so As long as RGB are not a 0, the color wheel has an effect.

However manually changing the value, do affect the image

You don’t even need to move the slider by much, even just by 1 notch makes a difference. Not sure if the tool works like this on other editors…

Unfortunately, this tool works quite untypically for Lift.
If you change the contrast a little in Lift, you can see an effect when you move the center point. But note that the strength of the change is very weak and very uneven.

If you do not move the point in the middle, but only the numerical values of R, G and B, then everything works normally, just like with Gamma and Gain.

In the sister project Shotcut the tool is called Color Grading and there everything is as it should be.

didn t tedt yet, but there is a fix of color wheel in last release from yesterday

Oh, that would be very nice. Just tried out the Kdenlive_Nightly_appimage:

Unfortunately, it does not work with this version either: kdenlive-23.04.2-x86_64.AppImage

Moving the center of the color circle at Lift does not work.