Color/highlight reconstruction

Highlight reconstruction is common in photo editing software. Can a suitable effect be added to Kdenlive?

The function you want is especially useful for raw processing. With jpg, or videos, which are also only 8-bit jpgs, this function is not very effective.

Thank you. Well it would be a nice unique feature for NLEs for when there are no other options and every last little bit counts :smiley:
Marginal color clipping reconstruction with spatial algorithms could help

You would need to take this up with the developers of the MELT Framework as they provide all the filters and effects Kdenlive uses

You can try to achieve something with some limitation by maybe using Masking Effects and CMYK adjust, Lift/Gamma/Gain or other color correction effects to do something

Thanks! I will look into that! I prefer global adjustments for a consistent looking image. I’ve also experimented with color mixing, and will keep looking for a ways to adjust the knee in highlights.
Kdenlive does seem like a solid platform for grading. Unfortunately, I hit some crucial issues with the trimming/multicam implementation. But for just grades I’d like to continue using it. I appreciate all the work.