Colorblind filters that increase saturation rather than decrease it

I’m a colorblind individual with deuteranomaly. I’ve noticed that KDE now supports colorblind filters and while I appreciate the thought and effort that’s gone into the feature, I’m not satisfied with the algorithm used to shift the colors.

To me, it makes colors look worse. For example: In KDE, Red is replaced by pink/magenta. I can see red, but having a saturation boost helps more than shifting it to another color. Because of my type of colorblindness, my green cones “pollute the signal” of my red cones and my perception of red is browned-out a little. Giving reds a boost is what I would prefer, rather than the current method.

I was wondering if someone would consider adding an alternate filter system, similar to that of Windows 10/11?

Short story: Back when Microsoft introduced the Night Light feature, I sent in feedback to their developers, saying they already had the functionality to shift colors onscreen, so would they consider color filters to increase the saturation for colorblind users. An algorithm that that would attempt to correct colors so they looked more normal/natural to a colorblind user.

As I understood it, a group of developers took up the request in the Microsoft Garage with an app called Color Binoculars. Later, that technology would be incorporated into Windows Color Filters and I’ve used them ever since on every Windows machine I own.

To be fair, the method used by Windows does over-saturate some colors and the result makes them look “flat,” but I don’t mind that. Using keyboard shortcuts, it’s easy enough to temporarily disable color filters if I need to.

Anyway, if you read this whole thing, I thank you for your time. I didn’t know where to go to leave feedback and a quick genAI search led me here. Thanks again.