Colors in KMyMoney

I want to change the colors of the opening page “Your Financial Summary”. I first went in KMM to the menu: Settings → Colors → [Check] Custom Colors, but nothing there seemed relevant. I then opened the KMyMoney.css file that I have edited before. (I verified that the Reports view plugin does point to this file.) I then changed all of the instances of “color:#232627” to something else. No effect. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks, A.

I don’t have a 5.1 version installed to confirm, and an appimage uses that css file from within the appimage itself, not from your home directory. That said, my current suspicion is that KMyMoney rewrites that file on startup. Check the timestamps to see if that seems true for you. If so, then I’d have to check the code to see if there is another location where you could put a css file which would take precedence, but I don’t think that’s the case. Once I figure out how this is done in master branch, I’ll consider filing a wishlist to allow some way to overwrite the css defaults. I don’t think there is much point in filing that against 5.1 branch, as unless it is a trivial fix, I don’t think it is likely to get addressed before we make a release from master branch (still not scheduled.)

Thanks very much for the reply. Unfortunately, the css file seems to be working as intended. For example, I changed the font size here: td {/styles table cells- but not background color/
font-size: 16pt; /* This is the main body, changed from 9pt */
and the size changes to 16pt. I thought that perhaps I am just not finding the correct “color” setting, but I have tried many but no joy. (Also, the timestamp does not change when I run KMM.) I’m holding out hope that there is something simple that I am overlooking. In any case, Happy Mardi Gras! A