Comment formatting on


The commenting field on bugs dot kde dot org features both a comment tab and a preview tab, which implies that some formatting is supported, but what kind of formatting ? :thinking:

I tried Markdown but didn’t notice anything getting formatted, except for something weird with quotes being turned into code blocks with the > symbol remaining visible. :person_shrugging:

I also tried finding out what webapp is bugs dot kde dot org running so I could find out in its documentation, but it’s never mentioned in the footer nor linking to something like an “about” page, not even in preferences.

PS : I’m writing “bugs dot kde dot org” because for some reason the real thing is considered a “link” and forbidden to submit.


Mostly just quotes using >, unfortunately.

There’s also some special formatting if you type Bug: 123456 and Comment 1.


It looks more like a code block rather than a quote though.