Common directory selection dialogue, double-click to toggle expand/collapse instead of renaming

In the system directory selection dialogue window (e.g., System Settings → Locations → click the rectangle with folder button), if I double-click a directory node, it tries to rename the directory, so to expand/collapse, I need to click that tiny > on the left side.

If I double click a directory in the system file selection dialogue window (e.g., KWrite → File → Open), it opens that directory.

I don’t know about others, but I would rarely want to rename a directory in the directory selection dialogue. So, I think it makes more sense that double-click toggles expand/collapse instead of renaming. Besides, I can already easily rename a directory node, if I want, by pressing F2.

If most people want renaming to be the default, then maybe the directory dialogue can also have a settings button at the top-right corner, like the file dialogue, and let users choose the action for double-click.