Configure location of stabilize files

Is there a way to configure where the Stabilize files are stored (the .mlt and mlt.rtf file)?
They now appear in the folder where I take my clips from. I would like them to be stored in my project folder. Cant’t find it in Configure Kdenlive, and not in Configure clip jobs.
I user the lates Windows version.
Searched the internet for a while, looks as if I’m te only one who wanst that:-)

Started investigating the files and found the following (slighty complicated) solution myself.
This only makes sence if you have little clips stabilized and really want to keep the project settings for later use and don’t want to mess up your video files structure with project files.

  • Close the project.
  • In the folder that contains the clip that was stabilized, two files were added:
    .mlt and .mlt.rtf.
  • Move these files to the project folder.
  • Eddit the .kdenlive file, search for .mlt and modify the path. Remember to use / instead of \ when on Windows.
  • Also edit the .mlt file, in there are two lines with the path to the .mlt.rtf
    file, edit those paths to the new location also.
  • Open the project again to check, you should receive no errors.
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Thanks for sharing your solution/workaround