Configuring the interaction between screenlocker and (media player) apps?

Hello, I have a question or two about automatic screen locking (on my Fedora 39, KDE spin):

I configure pretty short timeouts for the autolocking, but when I use Kaffeine to watch TV (per DVB stick), it will not kick in - so far, so good. However, I would like the screen to get autolocked nonetheless when Kaffeine plays a radio station. Alas, I fail to see any settings related to *non-*autolocking in either KDE’s settings menus or Kaffeine’s.

I guess that, in order to get that behavior with Kaffeine, a code change of that app would be needed (and not happen anytime soon)?

I probably could switch radio reception over to some “Internet radio” app, but then I would likely still need the ability to tell screenlocker not to accept any “media playing, don’t autolock” signals from that app. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!

… or three :smirk: : Even when I lock the screen manually, as long as there is media playing, the screen won’t auto-power-off. Is this controlled by the same mechanism?