Confused about custom shortcut under wayland session

Hello! I’m finally about to switch from X11 to Wayland, but I’m a bit confused about the custom shortcut setting: in the wayland session the button is no longer present, but I can still add custom shortcut with + Add Command.... What is strange is that shortcuts previously set in the X11 session are still active! I cannot see, edit, add or remove them, but they do work. Why does this happen? Is there a “normal” way to remove them without having to return to the x11 session? (just curious)

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We removed the UI for it on Wayland since bunch of it is broken, but yeah, custom shortcuts set in the old way on X11 are indeed still active on Wayland. This will be fixed on Plasma 6 (by removing the old way for everyone, since it’s been abandoned for years and is bit-rotting, and having two parallel methods for doing global shortcuts isn’t ideal).


this makes sense now! can’t wait to try Plasma 6 out!

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