Contributing is more than just code

When thinking about how to contribute to KDE, many people probably still think that you have to write actual code. While it’s true that C++ and QML is at the heart of our applications, it’s just one puzzle piece of many that make up a successful product. Besides donating money to KDE or developers like me individually, there’s much more you can do to support us: promo work, drawing icons, brainstorming ideas, writing documentation, triaging bug reports or writing new ones, or in this case sending the relevant piece of hardware to a developer. Every single contribution counts!

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I was looking into contributing with the docs at Get Involved/documentation - KDE Community Wiki and the discussions at - it seems I need to apply for a developer account to sign into these areas even though I won’t be submitting code changes or approving other people’s codes. Can someone confirm that’s the case?

No, you just need to register on, then you can log in to Invent. This is mentioned in Infrastructure/GitLab - KDE Community Wiki.

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