Copy and Cut OSD Notification

Hello, Clipboard Managers on GNOME (for example Pano) can display a Notification when Copying / Cutting files. It’s a Clipboard Manager functionality and not a File Manager functionality. Can this be achieved in KDE? Just displaying a tiny notification that says “Copied 1 file”?

Thank you!

This sounds like a feature request - maybe you’d want to open a ticket in so it won’t get lost in the forum?

It’s feasible, but we would need to be careful to make it clear that this is a platform feature so that apps don’t then implement their own notification–or else you’d see two! I also think this shouldn’t be implemented using standard system notifications as those are rather large and it would get really annoying to see big chunky system notifications appearing and covering up content in your windows all the time in response to a very common action.

Maybe the Clipboard icon in the system tray could do a little shake or other animation or something. Like a little animation of something getting sucked into the clipboard when cutting or copying, and something flying out of it when pasting, maybe.

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i personally like the idea of the clipboard icon in the system tray doing something to indicate a new item has been added it.

a wiggle, or supersize animation, or maybe just a color change or RGB scroll

nothing too obtrusive but easy enough to catch out of the corner of your eye to give you confirmation that your copy action took effect.

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I think this should be extended to show feedback about any kind of clipboard interactions e.g. copying text.

But I also agree an OSD/Notification may be too intrusive when you do many copy operations and will also get on the way when you want for example to paste some text and the OSD covers where you want to paste.

I experience that with a script I have for this

#!/usr/bin/env bash

function getClipboardContents() {
    local content
    content="$(qdbus6 org.kde.klipper /klipper org.kde.klipper.klipper.getClipboardContents)"
    echo "$content"

while sleep .2; do
    if [[ "$clipboard_content_now" != "$clipboard_content_last" ]]; then
        qdbus6 org.kde.plasmashell /org/kde/osdService org.kde.osdService.showText edit-paste "Clipboard contents changed"
        #echo "$clipboard_content_now"
    #echo "$clipboard_content_now"

Beware that this will spam dbus in case you want to use it