Copy and paste Compositions within project

Intro: I discovered kdenlive in 2018, on Linux, did a lot of investigation and created written procedures for my workflow. I am not a regular movie editor.

Recently I picked up kdenlive again, started using Kdenlive for Windows, version 23.08.4.
Some things chaged quite a bit since 2018.

The biggest problem I have now is copying a configured transition from one clip to another.
I know that worked in 2018 because I wrote how to use that in my procedures.
I drag a Dissolve or a Composite and transform from the Compositions panel to the timeline and configure it.
Then I right-click that transform and choose Copy
Then I select another clip, right-click it and there is no Paste…
Only a large menu, the closest matching option would be Paste effects, but that does nothing but throwing a message on the status bar (No information in clipboard).
The funny thing is that when I open a Clipboard viewer, I can see that it contains kdenlive code.

To be sure I tested this on my Manjaro VM with Kdenlive, same version and updated since 2018 (rolling release). Same thing.

Is it still possible to copy transitions? Would be nice, configure once, use many.

Try pasting it to the timeline. not to a clip on the timeline … that wfm just fine.

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Thank you! I didn’t come up with the idea to click outside of the clips.