Copy Panel Configuration to other Monitors

This if my first post so be gentle if I’m exhibiting complete noob behaviour. I’ve checked to see if there was a similar post or request to this already but didn’t find one.

I’m in the “Panels and Desktops Management” window where it easily and intuitively allows me to drag panels and desktops between my multiple monitors. However, what seems glaringly absent is the ability to copy or mirror panels/desktops between monitors.

Ultimately, I’d like to have my bottom windows style application/task bar mirrored on all monitors. Ideally it would be such that if I change, add to or remove from one, it would be reflected on all monitors, but even just to have them exist independently but still be copyable would be excellent.

If this is possible, please let me know.

See 446654 – Feature Request: mirror a panel on all monitors


Thank you for the reference. So currently it’s not a feature but is slated to potentially be added with a high wishlist important/priority? What would a target milestone of 1.0 mean?

You’re welcome. The milestone doesn’t mean anything; we don’t use that field.

Ok good to know. So tldr is this isn’t a thing yet but it MIGHT be a thing at some point in the future, right?


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