Copying files is painfully long

I have USB stick that have 64 gigs
157 video files with weight of 23.2 gigs
USB Stick formated as exFAT.

My USB stick is plugged into USB 3.0
And i have no info how fast transfer is, and time to copy is just unbearable.
I started to transfer files in 4:00 and now 11:47. Its 7 HOURS when i started to copy 23 gigs to USB freaking stick. What is wrong with transfer speed? And now Dolphin shows that 4 hours remains. I spend less time checking 1 TB HDD than this.

Depends on the quality of the stick of course. Modern day sticks can go well over 1000Mbs RW. And the you have sticks that don’t even do 80.

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The issue with USB sticks is they are not designed to transfer huge amounts of data quickly. They have a very small cache that allows them to give super fast bursts of speed, but once the cache is exhausted, they are dog slow. I have a 120gb Sandisk 3.0 stick that is lighting fast with small files, can run an distro just fine, but painfully slow to copy large archives to. Speeds drop to single digits.

The other issue is fragmentation, which all FAT based FS are notorious for. Even on an SSD fragmentation can really slow down copying. When you analyze a FAT volume, you can see files that are fragmented into thousands of pieces spread all over the place.

One thing I might suggest is doing file transfers from the command line. I find Dolphin and other file managers seem to add a lot of overhead.

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