Cpu thermal widget for cpu and ram monitoring

Hi everyone. I want to install a thermal widget/s for system tray that will show me my CPU temp, current cpu load and RAM usage. It should be minimalistic and customizable as possible. ideally based purely on sensors without additional libs(such as ksystemstats for example).

I tried multiple of them, none of them worked (or perhaps I didn’t install them as needed).

I use Qubes os with plasmashell 5.18.5

Don’t hesitate to answer with whatever is in your mind, perhaps I’m doing something wrong, perhaps this type of widget/s are available only with some additional conditions etc.
Any help will be appreciated.

Plasma 5.18 is quite old, so you may run into compatibility issues, so please be aware of that.

I’m currently using Thermal Monitor and quite happy with it - it is quite minimal:

It does uses ksystemstats and libksysguard.

Then why mention it? :smile:

I’m aware of this one, but thanks.