Crash while loading clips when opening project

This for Windows 10, and Kdenlive Ver 23.08.3

This happened after the program hung while rending a final title clip to use as an end clip for future projects. I had to force close it, but the rendered segment had completed and plays properly.

When I opened it again, the clips load to about 50%, then the program aborts. I tried the usual: deleted cache files, renamed clips and told Kdenlive to just use placeholders instead, uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I found a log file before I reinstalled the program, but now I cannot seem to find the log file in Windows.

It will open previous projects, so I am assuming that this problem relates to trying to load a clip, and perhaps the clip is a title clip that does not live in my source files folder. For example, perhaps it is the final Title clip that I rendered. If my guess is correct, I guess my two most pressing questions would be: 1: where can I find the log file? and 2: Is it possible to find and delete resources such as the Title Clips that were created in the program?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Check the file structure as described in the official Kdenlive documentation.

Thanks for the reply.

So I checked that link that explains file structure, and that led me to believe I should see some sub folders under the project folder (all my projects have their own folder as suggested). Although it says that some cache folders will be created in the project folder, the only sub folders I see are the ones I created for source files.

I did a bit of a search and did find something for this path:
C:\Program Files\kdenlive\bin\data\kdenlive\titles
which appears to have been created a month ago when I originally installed the program the first time.

I found a backup that allowed me to recreate the last few items in the timeline that were missing. That seemed to work and allowed me to complete the project. However, perhaps half the clips did not render, so I’ll place that under a different post.