Create filter functionality for xattr Tags at the "Edit Tags" window

Hello, I just wanted to put forward a suggestion for a usability improvement in Dolphin.


Because it will benefit users that make heavy use of xattrs Tags (think 30+ tags)

By making the text field that adds a new tag to also act as a filter for the existing tags.

Here is my suggestion in more detail:

  1. Rename the label next to the text field. Change it from “Create new tag” to: “Filter & Create new tag” (or something similar to that effect)

  2. Retain ALL the current functionality of the text field.

  3. When the user types into the text field, the existing Tag list gets filtered and lists only tags that contain the given text.

Example 1:
Based on my screenshot, if the user types: “old” or “_old” etc
Then the tag list should only present the tags named:
tag_old_01 - tag_old_10
tag_very_old_01 - tag_very_old_10

Example 2:
Again based on my screenshot, if the user types: “very” or “very_” etc
Then the tag list should only present the tags named:
tag_very_new_01 - tag_very_new_10
tag_very_old_01 - tag_very_old_10

This helps a user with many (30+) tags to narrow down his list of current tags. This makes it a lot easier to check if a similar/relevant tag already exists.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Maybe we can come up with an alternative and more efficient implementation for Tag filtering?

If there are no major objections to this proposal and someone would like to implement it I would be more than happy to also provide a small financial incentive: $200 (USD)


This is implemented in baloowidgets tagwidget.cpp file for those interested.


If you think you might be dealing with loads of tags, it might make sense to structure them, setting up hierarchical tags such as “Bird/Penguin”. This helps navigating around large collections. It works quite well…

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Well I am implementing the requesting feature:

This probably won’t get shipped in 6.0 release since it adds a new string, will be in next KDE Gears release if merged in that case.