Creating a flatpak package for ksensors5 (ksensors-qt5) with Phonon4Qt, sensors, hddtemp


I’m trying to create a flatpak package for ksensors5 (ksensors-qt5).

I am unable to include in the package (as a bundled part or as an external dependency) the libraries for Phonon4Qt, sensors, and the use of the external program hddtemp .

I need a suggestion, a project to copy from, a solution.

From what I’ve read, flatpak doesn’t provide any dependency management, much less during the installation phase.

Whoever creates the flatpak package must insert the source code to be compiled of everything necessary, for example libraries and programs.
Unless there are sdk, run-time, reference, already created by others (for example, the kde, gnome, qt, gtk libraries, etc.).