Creating Plasma 6 Custom Window Decoration

Hi all,

I was curious about creating a custom window decoration and wondering what the process will be for Plasma 6? I’ve been looking a bit but couldn’t find much in the way of a guide or documentation, but was trying to figure out how this process will be handled in the next generation Plasma 6.

I’ve read that the window decoration in Plasma 5 and before was compiled code. And there was some attempt to create an interface with the Aurorae project. But I also read that development on that halted. I am trying to get a sense of how this may change in Plasma 6? If it isn’t what’s the best way to get started or where to look at code to start getting a sense of how I can start creating a window decoration theme idea I have. I see that there is the KDecoration2 module which seems to be a start. Will that hold true in Plasma 6?
If so does anyone know a good theme where this was built from code to start familiarizing myself with the process?

Appreciate any help or insight or nudge in the right direction!

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In 5 you can build decorations using the kdecoration interface as well as Aurorae (which allows to use QML or SVG-based decorations and internally uses kdecoration). In 6 this isn’t going to be (much) different

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Custom decorations are a huge thing since 5.27

Aurorae are broken afaik. And no decorations I could find expand their clickbox to the very upper corner, only breeze. And thats a shame as I prefer many over those.

Not sure what you mean by “expand the clickbox”. In either case, you might wanna have a look at window decorations with more options. Klassy for example. At least that one supports blur which Breeze doesn’t. At least, not anymore, since they introduced the highlight abomination.