Cross-compiling for Plasma Mobile

if there are any interests in cross-compiling ARM binaries for Plasma Mobile, for example - when you are working on KWin, - I found a way last year:


Very neat! I’m not too familiar with cross-compilers, if I just use Kate and the CLI I just use the CMake wrapper script directly instead of the system CMake?

Thanks, I didn’t get any feedback so far :slight_smile:

Right, the CMake wrapper should be transparent.

I didn’t touch the project for a long time, it would be nice if someone gives it a try. To make sure KWin still builds, at least.

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I opened an issue regarding an issue I am currently having: Exec format error (#2) · Issues · Andrey Butirsky / Plasma Mobile SDK · GitLab

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I intend to look a bit more into this at some point, haven’t yet had a chance to :sweat_smile:

I’m eager to get your response :slight_smile:

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Will there be a chance in the near future? :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrey,

I apologize for the late response, my forum notifications have been kind of wonky.

I’m currently working on porting Plasma Mobile for Qt6/KF6, which no distro currently has packaged, so I haven’t done any on-device testing recently. I will likely look more into this once I am in a position to be able to actually test on device.


Hi Devin, take your time, I’m not pushing.
Just a note - before testing on device you probably have to cross-build something locally.
Even on this stage we can face some quirks as the codebase changed a lot since I tried it last time.

I hoped there will be enough interest to keep the project in buildable state.
Also I might need some help on CI pipeline to keep the SDK up to date.
So if anyone willing to give it a go - you are highly welcome!

BTW, I faced this Qt blog post explaining nearly the same ideas.
It was interesting to read because I came to this independently :slight_smile:

which no distro currently has packaged

LIES! :grin: