Ctrl+L and Ctrl+A doesn't work in Konsole

As the title says Ctrl+L and Ctrl+A doesn’t work in Konsole. Other shortcuts like Ctrl+E works as intended.
Happens on every profile I have, both on zsh and bash.
I didn’t find something related on the shortcut settings of Konsole.
Changing the keyboard layout with the UI and with setxbkmap didn’t solve this.

Do you have any idea ? Thanks

Its odd to me that both bash (that uses readline) and zsh (that uses zle) don’t work. Maybe there are conflicting global shortcuts?

Do the HOME (is like CTRL+A) and END (is like CTRL+E) on your keyboard work? They might have a different name depending on your keyboard.

You can post your /etc/inputrc and if available ~/.inputrc and I will have a look, but I doubt thats the issue since zsh is also affected.

I rebooted to test on another user, and the issue disappeared. Thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile:.

Also it was probably a global shortcut as Ctrl+A wasn’t working in kwrite too.

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I came across this issue when working to improve my bash shell login environment.
I’d always used an alias for ‘cls’ to clear the screen… -L was a bit foriegn to me.

This may or may not have been your issue, yet, I wanted to contribute additional helpful information.

Basically, by default the bash shell uses EMACS style key-bindings, which include the -L, etc…
When the .bashrc is updated to ‘set -o vi’, now future bash shell sessions will be using VI style key bindings… thus -L will now fail to work.

These two links should be helpful:

Thank you.