Current Wayland nVidia support

With Plasma 6 coming out I a couple of months back when I needed to upgrade my video card I decided I would go back to AMD after years of using nVidia. I bout the Amd 6600 and it was nothing but a nightmare forcing me to purchase a nVidia 3060 TI. My questions are.

With Wayland being the default for Plasma with the release of Plasma 6 how has the nVidia support come?

Even though Wayland will be the default will support for x11 still be active for at least the near future?

Has the last session been addressed so what was open on reboot or logoff is restored once back on the desktop?


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I think its pretty good. There has been a lot of testing for Plasma 6. So far I haven’t seen much complaining about Nvida + Wayland.

Yes. Atleast from the KDE side of things. Afaik it hasn’t been decided when support will be dropped.
However your Distribution might drop X11 support. So far I think that is only Fedora?

Not for Plasma 6.0. But there is plans for a simple version of this in 6.1

Thanks for the info and replying so quickly.

The only issue I have is that we were promised that the Last Session would be addressed before 6.0 dropped. It is very important to me. It truly saves an immeasurable amount of time. Have to ask what you mean by a limited version cause it either works as is or not at all. It’s not something that has a middle ground.

Also would ask if there is a list of items that work under x11 but still don’t work under Wayland?


Can’t find any links anymore, so maybe this is outdated information. If I find it again Ill share it.

Not sure how up to date this is.

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It’s up to date. There might be things missing, of course!

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I have a nVidia 2070 Super and I spent the past couple of days on Wayland with it. My biggest issue was flickering, but it is SOOOO much better than it was even a few months ago. I am back on X-11 for now, but the Wayland and KDE teams have worked so hard and the amount of progress is stunning.

I am on Tumbleweed and I have heard nothing about the end of X-11 for us, so I will run it as long as I need to, but Wayland is really close. Oh, I was running Steam games on it, but the flickering was in Brave.


They need to go back to the promise that was made about it being fixed before 6.0 drops. What is this about a possible drop-in plugin in the meantime?

Well, they are still working on it, and being open source, most everyone is volunteer. :slightly_smiling_face: