Cursor disappears in kwrite and kate

Hello, KDE users. I recently installed mx linux23 with kde on an intel i3 desktop computer. I used the default text editor kwrite and kate to read some text file and code.

When I try to quickly move the cursor by holding down the arrow key, the cursor disappears and moves invisibly, making it hard to guess where the cursor has moved to. After I release the arrow key, the cursor appears at a new location which corresponds to the arrow key’s direction. No matter I choose x11 or wayland in login window, dark theme or light theme in sytem, this issue is always there.

When I tried other text editors such as nano, geany, or even libreoffice on the same system, the cursor is always visible when holding down the arrow key for quick moving. By the way, on a Windows system, the cursor is always visible in kate.

Can someone help to solve this issue? Can I change some setting in the system?

Hello @zhengzhouzhou and Welcome

You could try this, should help
System Settings - Input Devices /Keyboard / Hardware - bottom of page
mine set at Delay 600 ms no need to change that,
and Rate 25.00repeat/s that’s the variable to adjust.
either use the test area OR have kwrite / kate open with a text doc the results be seen immediately in either app after clicking Apply.

Hope it helps.

Hi, artytux. I tried various Rate as you mentioned. In the test area, the cursor movement is visible when holding down the arrow key. But in kate and kwrite, the cursor movement is still invisible when holding down the arrow key either in dark theme or light theme.

Well then umm
I would suggest going to the MX23 forum and post there the community will figure it out also when posting include your QSI usually useful, Thanks.

OK, I’ll try that and post any feedback.

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