Cursor movement improvement for multi monitors in Plasma


When using Windows, I noticed that the mouse cursor will “stuck” for one time when moving towards the corner of each monitor. It helps triggering unique functions like peeking desktop, automatching to the close button of the window, switching windows and so on. It’s really convenient - if I move mouse cursor a little bit (maybe 2~3 pixels) sidewards, the cursor is moving to the neighbouring screen.
But currently the KDE plasma (5.28? on Deb 12) haven’t got a function like this. Triggering the corners’ unique fuction needs extra effort.

Besides, a MacOS-like cursor zooming when shufulling cursor will help a lot for finding the cursor.

What’s your opinion…?

Found this by looking for how to disable this behavior.
It’s now in Plasma 6 and there seems to be no switch for this.