Custom shortcut action sending @-symbol

Trying to make a shortcut to type out an email address, but cant seem to work out how to use AltGr aka right alt.

I’ve tried right+alt, ralt, altr, altgr

I’m not sure I understand the question. If you’re just looking for the alt gr syntax in something like xdotool…myeah, it can be a pain. You could try Alt_Gr, but I can’t guarantee.
Otherwise, if you’re looking for something like fixed email, adressess, phonenumbers…etc, an alias might be more useful. For example ( you need xsel for this), an alias for a fixed e-mail adress.
Add an alias the likes of this to your bashrc: alias mail=‘echo “” | xsel -ib && xsel -ob’
That bash command will copy the adress to the pinboard at which point you can paste it anywhere you like. You can assign a shortcut to it by bash -c -i “mail” in system settings. If you have several fixed adresses and according aliases and shortcuts, you could also consider a desktop application for it. A dropdown with a whole bunch of e-mail ( etc…) adresses. The exec commands of those would be bash -c -i “alias”.

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Alt_gr doesnt seem to do it either.

I’ve copied your alias suggestion, as well as the shortcut, but doesnt work and when i open a terminal, it says alias not found.

Any idea whats up with that?

Dunno. Works fine here.

yea, seems by copying something got messed up. I’ve typed it out and It works.

Thanks so much

Good. Yeah…syntax and all that…

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Btw, in case you should need some kind of template, like, I dunno, Name, contact etc…for footnotes etc…you can do this in an alias as well.
For example this:

So, you’re not restricted to just one line as in an e-mail adress. Now, I’m not sure if one can make more lines shown in the pinboard, but it’s there alright.

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