Custom Splash Screen overrided by default

I use the QuarksSplashDark Splash Screen which was installed during Fedora 38 from the Plasma settings, but recently it doesn’t show up during login, it automatically uses Breeze splash screen.

How do I make it work back ?

I even manually extracted the contents to look-and-feel directory in my home folder. But it still doesn’t work.

What version of Plasma are you using? If you are on 6 this won’t work as its a Plasma 5 splash (which would explain the behaviour you are describing)

I am Plasma 6, Fedora 40. It sounds odd, Kind of. It worked perfectly normal. Not just now.

As I said that is because this is a Plasma 5 splash screen, these will not work on Plasma 6 due to changes that where made.

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