Custom user action in krusader

I love krusader. I use it for lots of things, including my own set of launchers and buttons with specific functions.
Now I am stuck at something that must be very simple but can’t really get to do it right:
I want to create a user action that executes a command in the a terminal, using the directory of the active panel.

How to do this?
Let’s say the command is:
ls -l

Can you help me? I use qterminal instead of konsole, but I guess that should not be a problem.
I tried this as command for the user action:
qterminal %d ls -l
but it doesn’t work.

I tried to follow the krusader handbook but didn’t quite get it to work.

Thanks for your help.

Removed because I was wrong and don’t want to confuse anyone.

I’m not sure I understand you.
You can definitely ‘just call a command’ in general. For example libreoffice -calc path/to/midocument.ods is a command and will work perfectly. There are other examples in the Krusader Handbook but I was not able to do what I need so far.

I’m making some progress. I was able to run a single line that does several things. Just wrote in “command”: echo %aPath%; ls -l; fdisk -l
This opens a terminal, shows the path, lists the files and then the disks.

Also and most importantly, I found there is nice repository of user-contributed useractions here. So I can learn a lot from that, great idea Krusader crew!!

Krusader supports quite a bunch of commands by default. Pointing to a script is a possibility of course. But in this case you absolutely don’t need a script. As for changing the default terminal, you can. There are two settings provided in krusader settings, one of which is in the user action part. As for user actions, there’s a tool to create some in the action man window itself ( command + sign), but it takes a bit of fiddling.

Thanks. Since I wanted a few more things, I ended up creating a button in the toolbar that triggers a User Action which simply calls a bash script that does everything I need. It saves me tons of time.
The ‘problem’ in my case is that I don’t use KDE and wanted to use qterminal instead of konsole but they’re more or less the same (for my needs anyway).

I have lots of User Actions with buttons… Krusader is a central part of my digital desktop ecosystem!
BTW, your krusader looks super cool!