Customize Krusader bookmarks dropdown

When I first installed Krusader, I had customized the shortcuts dropdown to include my personal shortcuts and haven’t needed to edit it since.

Today when I wanted to add a new location, I can not figure out how to do it again. I can open the actual bookmarks manager just fine (Bookman II), and have added my new location there, but it does not show up in the bookmarks dropdown. It’s a completely different collection of bookmarks.

Maybe it’s a matter of terminology (bookmarks / locations / shortcuts), but I’ve scoured all the settings and the Krusader handbook without any luck. I’ve obviously overlooked something, but I’m out of ideas now.

Any help is appreciated.

Not sure about bookman, but I have the bookmarks button on the toolbar and when clicked it has the option to “add as bookmark”. (Blur is because of Dutch language)

Yeah, I have the same, but it’s not connected to the same menu.
It adds a bookmark to a completely different menu, not the one to the left of the path bar.

I’m completely stumped.

Odd. I suggest you try a different one on the toolbar. See, when I activate the ones next to the location path ( in: settings>configure>window>buttons …I’d show you a pic but it’s in Dutch), the one on the toolbar will only trigger the bookmark dropdown in the currently active panel. It will not have a dropdown by itself. If I disable the buttons next to the location bar, it will. Regardless, whetever I do in the menus, they will sync. That’s why I suggest you might wanna try a different bookmark toolbar button. Ps: I use the one in the main toolbar.

Without the buttons on the locationbar. Clicking the one on the toolbar will do the dropdown.

I appreciate the help, but it seems something about our configs are fundamentally different.

I’m using:
Version 2.8.0 “A New Day”

For instance, I don’t have the same menu structure. Mine is Settings > Panels > Buttons. There is not a Configure > Windows option that I see. I’ve included screens of the menu dropdown, and the actual Settings window.

I’ve also enabled and disabled every bookmark button I could find. You can see in the toolbar config that there are 4 total options for me. The Left Bookmarks and Right Bookmarks options appear the same as just the Bookmark option AFAICT. Maybe they can be configured independantly?

Even if I disable the the Bookmark Button option under Settings > Panels > Buttons, you can still see that the Bookmark button I’m trying to edit still exists in the left part of the path bar. The Show Media Button option removed the other button from the left, but the Show Bookmark Button is for the Bookman II menu in the right side of the path bar, which is the one you pointed out.

I’m about to give up. Just thought this might be the place to get help with this. I didn’t consider it a bug, so didn’t want to bother the devs on git. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for trying!

Version 2:2.8 here. Looks the same to me. Ps: Things could’ve been less confusing were it not that to some of the “morality and proper behaviour” gods here, screenshots in a language other than English are a work of the devil.

Just a language thing then.
Wonder why you don’t have the same Bookmarks Dropdown as me though. Must hinge on another setting somewhere.

Anyway, appreciate the help.
I can still get where I need using the other menu, but I’ve never really used it before so I will need to learn new muscle memory from now on.


Well, from the looks of it, I’ve got the exact same dropdown.

So I finally managed to figure it out. When I was browsing for something in the File Chooser, I noticed the Places sidebar was identical to the dropdown in Krusader. I dragged the folder I wanted over to the sidebar and it synced up inside Krusader.

I just wish they would have put a hover tooltip for that dropdown that indicates it was a Places menu like it has for the dropdown directly beside it for the Media List.

Thanks much for your time and help.