Customizing Grub

Hi all, greetings!
I’m using the latest KDE Neon in an UEFI setup. I’ve just one problem that I’m unable to customize grub. I don’t see /etc/default/grub file, and the /etc/grub.d/40_custom file is empty.

I want to make only 3 customizations

  1. Change default timeout to 2 seconds
  2. Remove boot splash and add “quiet” in the kernel line
  3. Add one more boot entry for “init 3”

Install Grub Customizer, run it, and click the general tab, change your timeout, and click save.

According to Reddit - Dive into anything you can create the file and edit it.

Tried that. It looks for /etc/default/grub and as the file is not there it fails.

The link you pointed talks about /etc/default/grub which is not there in the latest KDE Neon install.

are you saying you cannot create a file in /etc/defaults?

you likely need to use sudo to elevated privileges for that directory.

and i would not recommend using grub customizer as it mangles your entire grub infrastructure and cannot be undone.

here is a whole thread on the topic

This is completely untrue.

if you don’t have your grub file under default in etc you’re not going to boot. It’s there. Might want to go to view on the Dolphin menubar and check show hidden files.

depending what you do with it, it can create proxies for all the scripts and add a bunch of new folders… which is what i call a mangle, making everything needlessly more complex.

the only way to really get rid of it is to reinstall grub using boot repair or similar and go back to defaults.

there’s nothing that grub-customizer does that you can’t do yourself with a little learning.

AGAIN NOTHING wrong with grub customizer. It is a extremely rare case where it will mess up.

i didn’t say it messed up… i’m talking about the way it is DESIGNED to work.

it’s much easier to just make the mods yourself, then at least you know where everything is.

That’s it! Please help me out. I just want to add one more entry for initi 3 boot, disable splash and drop the timeout from 5 sec to 2 sec.

The link i posted says you can create /etc/default/grub if it doesn’t exist.

Again it is a rare instance were Grub Customizer will cause issues. More likely to have a bad Grub file to begin with rather than Grub Customizer having issues.

and again my issue with it is not whether it works… but rather HOW it works.

i read up on the changes it makes to your directory structure with it’s proxy’s and added folders etc and how difficult it was to undo once it was installed.

so i never used it… i found how to make the changes i wanted to make using the grub that comes with my distro, it’s not at all hard to get what you want.

if you like using it and want to use, go nuts, but i would never recommend it.

read up