Dark Theme and light theme

Blue light can be associated with a period. A dark and light theme could be linked to sunset and sunrise. Automatically change the theme when it is day or night. This would be a great option. There are some themes that have both light and dark themes.

  • List item Flow

  • List item Kay

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There are some scripts around. Some on Github like YinYang

Now that there’s a seperate brightness button in the system tray, inside of it would be a great spot for a light mode/dark mode toggle.

Implementing that toggle could allow for plasma themes and color themes to consolidate their light/dark variants and declutter the store, and maybe it would finally make it easy to toggle the light/dark kvantum Application Styles if it goes beyond that.

Every other major platform already has a convenient dark mode toggle.

Radio button on the control panel.

The above can be done by the KDE Team.