Date of Online Quote for account setup of initial balance not adjustable

KMymoney 5.1.3 on windows11.

When a new account is setup an initial balance can be set.
If the account is in a different currency than the base currency of the database/file, then an exchange rate can be specified. The exchange rate can be retrieved online.

The issue / bug is with the date of the online dialog to get the echange rate. It cannot be set, but appears always the current day is being used.

Example picture attached.

I think there’s a bug - not sure how to enter a bug here.

I’ve played with this for a while, and it seems all online price updates (stocks and currencies) can only retrieve for the current date. What you will need to do is manually retrieve the price for the correct opening date (or any other historic date where you need a price) and then manually enter it through the update prices dialog.
I’ll probably open a bug for this, but I’m not sure how hard it would be to actually retrieve historic prices.

Thanks Jack, the bug is obviously that the wrong date is being taken over into the online retrieval dialoge, any date set in the account configuration dialogue shall be used, only when this is empty the current date may be used for retrieval of the rate.

Yes, alternative is to get the rate externally, i.e. via googling, or other financial fx page and add it manually into the rate field without using the online retrieval.