Dbus-monitor not showing any thing from keyboard media keys

with the monitor running, i can see events posted from the volume control, but nothing from any of the 3 media keys that used to work with all the music players i tried.

now they don’t work with any of them (elisa, clementine, gmusicbrowser)

what controls the dbus process and is there a library i can reinstall to maybe fix it?

edit: could this error have anything to do with it? DBus seems to not exist.

Check in System Settings > Background Services if Media Controller service is enabled and running

there is no such service.

so not running, and not installed.

is there a package i should install?

it was working prior but recently it has stopped… all around the same time i installed the strawberry music player to compare it with my clementine install (if that matters).

Looks like it should be part of Plasma (plasma-workspace) from this on arch:

paru -Fx mprisservice
extra/plasma-workspace 6.0.4-1 (plasma) [installed]

This seems to be where the code is plasma-workspace/libkmpris at master · KDE/plasma-workspace · GitHub

Which distribution (edit: and Plasma version) are you using?

according to synaptic


just tried reinstalling it and rebooting… no joy.

Oh Plasma 5, the Media Controller service is only on Plasma 6+, it was split from the Media Player (MR here) widget so it could work even when that widget isn’t on any panel/desktop. So theoretically adding that widget to the panel/desktop/system tray should bring back the controls.

ok, that’s got it.

i must have disabled the media player in the system tray as part of a clean up effort and forgot that it needs to at least be set to when relevant or always shown in order to provide function to the music players.

looking forward to not having to worry about this in plasma 6

thanks for your help.