Dealing with large video files in Kdenlive

I have a number of fairly large video files in the range of 60-100GB in size. Kdenlive OOTB doesnt seem to handle working with these very well. Files around 20GB or less seem to be just fine and i havent really tested in between.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to deal with large files in kdenlive? The lack of timeline previews and occasional crashes makes it difficult to handle these files as i assume its processing them in the background but theyre so large id have to wait considerable time to have them be useable.

I got asked to do a convert video favour for a sort of neighbour, what she did was record some free to air TV cooking shows ( yes legal for personal use in Australia) and would like videos to be on MP4, cool has to be easy, right.
now asks can I chop (her words) big long videos into single recipe clips mmm yeah uh ok,
I don’t have any experience in Kdenlive was just going to do that (editing) then read your topic tonight ( this is not good ), I found two answers am not sure if they work or what other problems that will give, so will just have to try and make it work.

Here are the links
What to do in Kdenlive

Explains in a bit more detail

I think only thing is until I start on the project it’s clear as mud for me,
hope this helps you
Wishing you and myself “Good Luck” :melting_face:

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Ill have to see if proxy clips helps, looks like i can set it up to use VAAPI for the proxies so should be pretty quick. I probably shouldve realized what that setting was and looked at the docs sooner as it says right in them

“Proxy clips create a lower-quality transcode of the original footage for use in real-time rendering in the project monitor. This allows for a smoother editing experience even on slower computers with High Definition footage”

that is a very large favor lol, good luck to you on that one youre a very good neighbor.

That’s the part I question, having not done any editing videos yet and you know more than I, so when (presume) exporting out videos (after edits), back to Hi Qual MP4 is similar to exporting xcf’s to png in Gimp,

or I could just wait until I do some edits and fly by the seat of my pants.

Definitely on the first and second MP4s I will make and work on copies, just in case.

Again thank You for the timely Question to a problem I didn’t know I would find.


seems like the proxy clips should be associated to the project files and when you render out it will use the original higher quality ones for the render if thats what youre asking. There wont bew any quality loss with proxy clips afaik from reading they seem to just be for when youre editing to solve the exact problem i had here.

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Was deeper into that today, I found that out too, your spot with your explanation proxyclips do get rendered back into original, Thanks for the posting.

See this paragraph in the Kdenlive documentation.

While the documentation dutifully mentions the menu items or settings for proxies it does not explain the concept, advantages and what is happening during rendering very well. I’ll look into this …

Have not looked far into Kdenlive docs yet, until start work on mp4s althou prefered to find out what these proxy and the settings are, did same for rendering so some research today paid off, so unlike yesterday when details were clear as mud today it’s clearly understood and I’m just thankful @Echoa posted that question otherwise fail.
(First Attempt In Learning)
Thanks for the link berndmj