Default panel doesn't always open at boot

Hi all,
I um using Fedora Kinoite 40 with Plasma 6.0.5. Sometimes, not always, the panel is shown as a miniature of itself. All the buttons are there although invisible, when I click somewhere on the small panel a program opens. That all works, but I see no icons and I guess if I should see them they would be so small that I can’t figure out which one is which.
In the attachment I have a screenshot of when it just happened:
on the left the small version of the panel, on the right screen the correct opened one. They are similar, exact copies of each other.

As said I use Fedora Kinoite 40, have an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU with Radeon graphics, 16GB ram and an RTX 3060 Nvidia card using the 550.78 driver.
KDE Plasma version is 6.0.5, KDE Frameworks 6.3.0, Qt version 6.7.1, kernel 6.8.11 and I am using Wayland.

Does anybody experience the same issue and if so, did you find a solution for it? I know the panel unfold after some time, but it would be nice if this happens straight at boot.


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Same problem here. EndeavourOs; same version of Plasma, Frameworks, Qt and Wayland. I have to enter in edition mode and it all appears again.
Appart from that, the system settings panel opens in every boot, I have to close it.
No solution yet

Thanks. Sorry to say this to you, but I am glad I am not the only one. It means something is wrong in the software and hopefully somebody will have a look at it.
Here KDE System settings doesn’t open automatically.

Is there anyone here who knows what might cause this? I see it now almost every day.