Default to kf6-qt6 for kdesrc-build and wiki

The Plasma 6 release date comes closer and closer. More and more people will want to build plasma 6 instead of plasma 5.

Reasons for kf6-qt6 as default:

  • Plasma 5 is feature frozen, make it easier to get into Plasma 6 development.
  • Probably a quite few people want to test plasma 6 before it is released.
  • If people have an easier time setting up kf6-qt6 there is a good chance for more bug reports before plasma 6 releases.
  • Rather sooner than later everything needs to change to kf6-qt6 anyway.
  • People that want to contribute to plasma 5 probably have kdesrc-build setup up already anyway.


  • The default kdesrc-buildrc should be kf6-qt6 instead of kf5-qt6.
  • Simplify the Wiki. First and foremost it should explain how to setup kf6-qt6 instead of 5. That would make it also easier to remove the kf5 parts from the wiki once it is deprecated.

I am willing to put in some work if this sound like a good Idea, please let me know.

Thoughts? @nmariusp @ngraham @Ashark @redstrate @Herzenschein


Agreed. +1. Extra characters to meet the minimum post length!


CCing @nclarius as well

So far there seems to have been no objections about that and nmariusp has already started it. I was about to reinstall kdesrc-build to see what’s needed for the setup page.

The idea is to have kdesrc-build with Qt6 first, and have Qt5 in a separate page for those who’d still be working on 5.

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FWIW make kdesrc-build default to branch-group kf6-qt6 (!287) · Merge requests · SDK / kdesrc-build · GitLab being merged would make this much easier

Also just did ~/kde6 -> ~/kde (!295) · Merge requests · SDK / kdesrc-build · GitLab


Thanks I missed that there is already a merge request for this.

I am guessing there is probably nothing I can do to get this merged, like testing patch or any other grunt work? It is getting merged when the maintainer has time to do so?

The only thing left for me to do is making a draft wiki page for the new documentation?

I’m making changes to Set up a development environment right now and I’ll get back to you soon.

But the real solution is to have those changes merged, especially making the generated ~/.config/kdesrc-buildrc default to Qt6 which is ideal.

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In principle, once the sample config fixes are merged we can remove two thirds of Prepare kdesrc-build to build with Qt6, and once the better fix to the default config made by nmariusp is merged we can remove the section entirely (because it should just work).

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Hmm. My idea would’ve been to create the new page ahead of time, so when the MR gets merged some1 can instantly change the wiki (Best would be if both are changed at the same time).
Who knows if someone has time to change the page once the MR hits or how long it takes? Better to prepare now and then just apply the changes.

I think I am just gonna try my Ideas here for now, since I know how to use discourse. Worst that will happen is that people that are not interested need to unsubscribe from this thread or tell me not to do it :smiley:

If I figure out how to how to do a draft page in the wiki I will do so.

Thanks for your help so far and pushing this issue. I really appreciate it!

€: I just saw you did more work than I thought, maybe there this wont be as big of an issue as I thought.

The default config thing is merged, ayy

Now all you do is:

mkdir -p ~/kde/src
git clone
cd kdesrc-build
./kdesrc-build --initial-setup
source ~/.bashrc
kdesrc-build workspace

Bam, you are already compiling Plasma Desktop with Qt6.


I want to use kdesrc-build to build the discover, I do the below steps:

 mkdir -p ~/kde/src
git clone
cd kdesrc-build
 ./kdesrc-build --initial-setup


 source ~/.bashrc
git clone
kdesrc-build discover/

and then show errors:


is there any other things i need do?
anyone help me?

Looks like you are trying to run kdesrc-build KDEHOME/discover/
Why KDEHOME ? Why did you git clone kdesrc should do that automatically for you.

Try kdesrc-build discover instead.

Please see Get Involved/development/Build software with kdesrc-build - KDE Community Wiki for further information.

Also I suggest you create a new topic for this.

you are right, i clone the discover in KDEHOME directory.
kdesrc-build discover
it is building…
Thanks for your reply!!

I am absolutely brand new to KDE development and I followed these instructions (from the wiki) and I have already run into two big errors.

First I reported as a bug report here: 476287 – kio-extras fails to compile due to missing qcoro-qt6 dependency

Second I just encountered with a failure to build systemsettings, getting

/home/ben/kde/src/systemsettings/core/ModuleView.cpp:38:10: fatal error: Kirigami/Units: No such file or directory

Searching around led me here: System settings fails to build Kirigami/Units: No such file or directory

One reason for posting this here rather than on a dedicated topic is that I have essentially a “virgin” system that has not been used for any KDE development prior to yesterday.

Edit: disregard. Nate fixed here: core: Rework ModuleView code using Kirigami Platform's Units (!263) · Merge requests · Plasma / System Settings · GitLab