Desktop crashes randomly

Every day this happens. Once/day. It crashes and goes black and has that flashing cursor and then the desktop crashes and goes back to normal. But I lose everything in the process.

Here is what the log says:
16:59:06 akonadiserver: org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: Control process died, exiting!
16:59:06 systemd-coredum: Process 2777 (kwin_wayland) of user 1000 dumped core.
16:59:06 kernel: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: gr: GPC0/PROP trap: 00000002 [RT_PITCH_OVERRUN] x = 1896, y = 122, format = 11, storage type = 0
16:54:36 kwin_wayland: kwin_libinput: Libinput: event2 - USB OPTICAL MOUSE: WARNING: log rate limit

I don’t have any mouse problems even if it says there is.
I am using Oracle 9.3
KDE Plasma version: 5.27.6
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.108.0
Qt Version: 5.15.9
Kernel version: 5.14.0-362.8.1.el9_3.x86_64 (64-bit)


What happens if, you create a new, fresh, test user and, copy your user files – not the settings – over to the new, fresh, user?

  • You’ll have to export your current Kontact PIM settings and local e-Mail folders and then, import all that into the Kontact running under the new, fresh, user …

Here, not noticing your issue with the following system –

Operating System: openSUSE Leap 15.5
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.9
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.103.0
Qt Version: 5.15.8
Kernel Version: 5.14.21-150500.55.44-default (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 8 Ă— AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics
Memory: 29.3 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon Vega 11 Graphics
Manufacturer: ASUS

I feel I’m doomed! I’ve checked your specs and your KDE and kernel version is very similar to mine!
I don’t know how to copy over to new user? I don’t see how that would do anything. I do have “2 users” but I did that by a mistake a couple of months ago and couldn’t be bothered deleting 'user 2."

I use Wayland, you don’t. I am afraid of using X 11 because of X session file filling up my hard drive! Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence!

I am disappointed how there is only 1 reply… even if I gave a donation recently. I feel depressed.

I don’t use Kontact or local email…

I feel sad that I might have to consider XFCE and move on to another distro!
Help with Oracle costs $500 a year! I can’t afford that! But the “akonadiserver problem” is a KDE problem because it has KDE in it! org.kde.pim.akonadiserver:

I’ve done one thing with the user “solution” you told me. I made 1 administrative and one standard. Maybe something like that will make a difference? Sometimes “stupid things” like that can make a difference! I know from experience!

Truth is, I don’t want to go to XFCE or another distro.

Have you reported it on

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I actually found a solution to the problem and that is to disable Akonadi via terminal.

I was told on the bugs site that my version of KDE needs to be updated.

Thanks everyone. I do appreciate it.

The definitive explanation for disabling Akonadi is here: <>

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