Desktop is gone, only auto start apps open now (solved)

After updating to plasma 6 my desktop has vanished, after I log in the only things a see are the two auto start app I made when I had 5.27 and my mouse, krunner does not open when I use alt+space, so I can’t open any other apps. I’ve been able to run konsole tests by using ssh, but i have had no luck.

I was able to fix my issue by running
sudo pkcon update

please provide more details such as

Linux Distribution youre using
System Specifications

the more information you can provide the better

I was using KDE neon when discover said there was an update, i haven’t installed anything that isn’t from flatpak so all the Specifications would still be default

I have same problem since 29th Feb when I did run update and got upgrade to plasma 6

I did apply all recommended updates of plasma-desktop-data and dependencies as well as updated every day since upgrade all new packages via aptitude, but nothing solved my issues so far - still no desktop, no krunner, no taskbar when I log in after restart

what works for me is

  • run tty CTRL+ALT+F3
  • login
  • run startx

my system info:

$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Neon
Description:    KDE neon 6.0
Release:        22.04
Codename:       jammy

$ uname -srm
Linux 6.5.0-21-generic x86_64