Desktop shortcuts are the same across all activities

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days and I’ve done everything I can to avoid having to bother people on a forum for answers but I’m completely lost.

I have been using linux on my laptop for a few weeks now and recently switched to KDE Plasma. A few days ago I discovered the activities feature and began to set up different activities to keep things organized. I immediately noticed that if I linked and application to the desktop it would mirror that action on every other activity.
I noticed that once I have linked something to the desktop I can ‘right-click>Activities>Link to current activity’ however this seems to have no effect at all and it is still linked to all activities.
Is there any way to have different desktop shortcuts for each activity?

Are you talking about application windows or icons to launch them in the panel/main menu?

Icons on the desktop. Like dragging something from the application launcher and selecting “link here”.

linking to activities does not seem to do what is expected (or anything at all, for that matter)

using folder view for the desktop, i’ve tired setting up 3 activities and each new activity copies over all the desktop icons and panels, but not widgets placed on the desktop like the trash can.

now if i go to each activity and choose link or unlink such that only one activity is “linked” and the other two are unlinked… the icon will still show (and function) on all three activities.

nor does the options in the context menu seem alter or update based on what is linked or unlinked so there is no feedback of any kind as to what this feature is doing.

this experiment was all done using the default setting shown here


i don’t know if that would make a difference if enabled.

Edit: after reboot the context menu for all three activities has changed to reflect the “linked” status for the icon, but it still shows (and functions) in all three

so it seems a restart or at least a relog is required update the context menus.

All that setting does is switch to the last used virtual desktop of an activity. It wouldnt make a difference :slight_smile:

i suspected… i did note that the context menus for the activities linking changed only after a restart so does seem to be some feedback (eventually) for linking an unlinking.

but it still doesn’t have any affect on if the icon shows up or not in a given activity, which is what i would expect “linking” do

maybe linking does something else?

Is there a solution for this? I’ve created an activity and linked five folders in the desktop. After rebooting, the five icons showed up in every desktop…

the whole activities feature is a little doughy.

one summery of plasma 6 i read indicated that removing the feature altogether was on the table at one point.

there is a chance it will get some love in the coming months and be folded into plasma 6 at some point but for now this is what we got.

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OK thx, let’s wait for plasma 6 :slight_smile: