Desktop wallpaper changes when monitor turned on

I have set my desktop wallpaper to go through a random rotation, as per

Right click on Desktop | Configure Desktop and Wallpaper | Wallpaper type: Slideshow | Order: Random | Folders: + Add Folder

I use the “Change every:” option in that settings page to set a desired interval (every 8 hours).

Everything was working as I wanted, but I recently upgraded from plasma 5.26.5 to 5.27.4. Now, when I turn one of my monitors on (or change input source), it causes the desktop wallpapers to rotate to the next random image. i.e. the interval setting is not respected

I’m assuming this is a bug or regression, so I just wanted to raise awareness.

Some more info: If I have the Display Configuration window open, then I see this message pop up when I turn a monitor on and off:

A new output has been added. Settings have been reloaded.

Also: As a workaround if I set the monitor I’m turning on and off to be the lowest priority among the displays (Display Configuration | Change Screen Priorities), then it only changes the wallpaper of that one monitor, which I guess is 2/3rds of the problem solved. Would be nice to solve 100% of the problem, though.