Difference between KDE CDN and KDE Distribute Flatpak repositories

Hi, is there any difference between using cdn.kde.org and distribute.kde.org? I usually use the KDE distribute Flatpak repository but wanted to know which one is the best for testing nightly KDE apps.

The community wiki for KDE says:

We are also building “nightly” versions of most KDE applications and distributing them at cdn.kde.org/flatpak. Nightly versions build the latest source code of the application, so expect some unstable development quirks; on the bright side, if you find one, you get to tell the developers so they can fix it!

But there is also distribute.kde.org for nightly KDE app flatpaks and both seem to be updated as of January 2024.

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Use the CDN as the wiki states. You can also grab the artifacts from each repository if you want to.

Distribute was used for the old global flatpak repository, it is no longer available.

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Thanks for the info! I Just removed the old distribute repo in place of the multi app CDN repo and it works great.

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