Different way of handling "Always" Variable Refresh Rate

Hi everyone, and first of all, thank you for your work on KDE

I’ve recently switched to it for a bit because of its robust VRR experience, but I have run into an experience that could be improved.

The Situation

I first tried running the “Automatic” VRR mode, which works fine, but causes my screen to blank out for about a second whenever I switch between a fullscreen application and the desktop, making quickly looking something up while gaming or watching a full-screen video rather annoying.

I then tried the “Always” mode, which removes this annoyance, but has its own problems. When inactive the framerate drops to my monitors lowest refresh rate and rises back up again every time I interact with the PC. This constant switching between around 40hz and 175hz then feels like stuttering, and I would much rather have a constant 175hz (or hell, 120hz) framerate when on the desktop.

The Improvement

Windows seems to solve this by always having VRR enabled (solving the first problem) but only allowing an application to control the framerate when it is running full-screen (solving the second problem).

I would really love to have something like that available as an additional mode.

My Setup

  • A FreeSync Premium Pro display
  • An AMD RX 7900xtx
  • Kubuntu 24.04 with plasma-workspace-wayland installed


  • NVIDIA cards also have this noticeable blank-out (even worse) when switching to full-screen. This, I think, is caused by incompatibilities with FreeSync and also happens on Windows, and is not what I am referring to here.
  • I assume Kubuntu does not have the newest version of KDE, so maybe this problem has already been fixed, which would make me very happy. I’m planning on switching distro anyhow, I just wanted to start with something officially supported by Steam while porting my gaming rig :sweat_smile: