Difficulty mounting a Vault

Hello! I’m having difficulty mounting a Vault in KDE Plasma 5.27.10. Although I have 3 Vaults, two of them work perfectly. However, when trying to mount this third Vault, I enter the password and Dolphin opens the corresponding folder, but the Vault does not mount. Could anyone help me with this problem? Thank you!

“I put my key into the car, turned it but the car won’t start, what is wrong”…

See how silly that looks?

You need to provide some kind of logs, or at least an error if that is given.
NOBODY can answer your question as it is now.

There are no error given. I can share the journal log after try to open it:

feb 06 17:40:50 archlinux kded5[732]: OUT: “CryFS Version 0.11.4\n\nPassword: \nDeriving encryption key (this can take some time)…done\n\n----------------------------------------------------\nFilesystem configuration:\n----------------------------------------------------\n- Filesystem format version: 0.10\n- Created with: CryFS 0.11.4\n- Last opened with: CryFS 0.11.4\n- Cipher: xxxxxxx- Blocksize: xxxx bytes\n- Filesystem Id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\n----------------------------------------------------\n”
feb 06 17:40:50 archlinux kded5[732]: ERR: “[2024-02-06 17:40:50.306] [Log] [error] Crashed: Deserialization failed - missing nullbyte for string termination\n”
feb 06 17:40:50 archlinux kded5[732]: QString::arg: 2 argument(s) missing in
feb 06 17:40:50 archlinux kwin_wayland[668]: kwin_core: Cannot grant a token to KWaylandServer::ClientConnection(0x5e6a97a0ef20)
feb 06 17:40:50 archlinux systemd[597]: Started Dolphin - Gestor de archivos.

Might be an indication of that your data has been corrupted.
This might give some insight:


Thank you very much Bedna! It works, thank you very much for your help!

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Phew, I’m REALLY glad it worked. :heart:

Now, take this as a learning experience and make backups of your data. Back up the encrypted data ofc. Have a few of them, so if the latest would by any chance to become corrupted (that can happen too you know) you at least have SOMETHING to restore.

Store that on an external usb or hd and you have an extra layer of ransomware protection as well.

Not sure what was in your vault, but if it is something important, I can imagine the feeling in your gut when not able to mount was not the greatest.
Remember that feeling and take precautions to not have to experience that again. xD

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Data is important to me, I had a backup but it was not updated, so exactly as you imagined, the feeling in my gut was not the best. Now I will make a backup every time I make a change.

Thanks again, Betna!!

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