Digikam export to facebook?

Dear people,
Just new to digikam and happy with it on my Linux computer.
Also installed it on my wife’s computer and one of the first questions i got was how to upload to facebook??

There are lots of export options and according to the documentation there should be such a plugin (internet search).
But it is not showing on my wife’s or on my own computer and an internet search does not give any helpful information.

Is there a way to export directly photo’s with digikam to facebook?

Version 8.0 is used here.

BTW: Can i also als digikam questions here that are coming from a windows 10 OS?

Most kindly,


This is strange, because normaly you have an big exportmenu, also with facebook. But here on my digikamversion on KDE Neon, this also not here anymore. Maybe a bug, maybe something was changed.

But the export should look like this:

Not sure if this applies to Digikam as well but for gewnview there is: 452738 – Kipiplugins disappear from Gwenview

@ngraham do you know more about this?

Yes, Kipi was removed from Gwenview because most of the plugins were broken and most of the ones that worked duplicated better-quality and better-supported functionality provided via the newer Purpose system.

If there’s anything that did still work that you’re missing, it could probably be re-implemented as a Purpose plugin.

I was wondering if that also applies to Digikam? Since I found the bug report for gwenview, but it looks like its the same for digikam?

Sorry, I don’t know about that as I’m not involved with Digikam as either a developer or a user.

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As far as I know Digikam hasn’t used Kipi for a while, so the Gwenview change isn’t relevant

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Digikam has the digikam-plugins and is not related to the kipi-plugins.
There are quite some export options but NOT facebook, while documentation says that it should be there too.

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So a few months ago, Digikam was still working normally.

I just noticed that Export to Facebook is not there, I would not have noticed, if the subject had not been brought up, and yes i do recall it used to be available.

digiKam facebook plugin is disabled. Thanks to facebook team to REFUSE to register the open source plugin officially.

So typically digiKam team ban this F. social network at all. Read the long story here: