Digikam fails while scanning for new items

I can’t post any error messages because:

I get a message that says something about you can’t post that. Not allowed…

The word starts with W ends in G and has AN in the middle. … and I don’t understand why that person’s name is not allowed.

Yet I can post that and the rest of the info on the Manjaro Forum. What is going on here?

Probably because of a profanity filter.

Try using a pastebin service and post the link here.

What in the world are you talking about, What Profanity?

There is some sort of blocked word list. Most of the time those lists also block completely normal words.
Sometimes it is because it’s a normal word in one language but a profanity in another, it’s slang for profanity, or a substring of a blocked word.

I’m not saying it should be blocked. It’s just most likely on some sort of list.

For god’s sake. I just looked it up, it’s some Twee American word for Penis. I don’t believe it. I really don’t give a rat’s backside for stupid childish American Twee circumlocutions. Shouldn’t some adult fix it.

It’s an acceptable word on the Manjaro Forum, because no one is trying to protect us from ridiculous Americanisms.

And I am certainly NOT going to remove that person’s name… the person who contributed a lot of code to digikam.

I’ve submitted a bug report to KDE. At least there, there are no Twee filters.

You can report it in the Site feedback category, it might be an honest mistake or an oversight, or simply a Discourse default that nobody bothered to check/disable

(I’m not American, I’m not a native english speaker, yet I knew that word might get banned, even if as a proper name it shouldn’t)

You’re right it shouldn’t. But I’ve finished ‘spitting the dummy’. Hopefully an Admin will deal with this and other ridiculous stuff.

uhm… wang is a very common syllable in Chinese (pinyin, in that case) and shouldn’t be banned anywhere. It’s also a family name. I hope this comment goes through.

I came here because I was looking for the issue in the title, since my digikam silently crashes after startup while scanning for new files. Do you have anything on that?