Digikam Ignored directories does not seem to work and doc is lacking in detail

I am running Digikam 8.1 on MacOS. I am adding the “Pictures” directory as a Collection to Digikam.

In the Pictures directory, there are still a couple of “Photos Libraries” that I am trying to exclude but nothing seems to work. Maybe a more detailed doc on the syntax to use would be good.

The Photos Library names are “Photos Library.photoslibrary” and “Local.photoslibrary”, but how can I exclude them?

I have tried:

  • Escaping the space: Photos\ Library.photoslibrary
  • Putting the dir in quotes: “Photos Library.photoslibrary”
  • Without escape or quotes: Photos Library.photoslibrary
  • Separating them with a semi-colon with and without a space following the semi-colon
  • Adding the full path to the directories.

I have the same problem with the more simple “Local.photoslibrary”.

I currently have this setup:

Background;digikam_databases;Local.photoslibrary;Photos Library.photoslibrary

It shows as

Can I use wildcards like “*.photoslibrary”? Nothing seems to work. Am I missing something?

Any help, advice, pointers to doc are welcome :smiley:

The answer is to take a break and when you get back it will be fine. I am not sure if it’s because I have a large library or if Digikam needs to go over everything in a directory before excluding it. Whatever it is, I had a nap and when I was done, the directories were no longer listed in Digikam so the exclusions work. This is what I have running now

Local.photoslibrary;Photos Library.photoslibrary

Hope this can help someone just as impatient as I am :wink: