Digikam loses scanner (device) after one scan, requiring a restart

Mint 21.2
Kernel 5.15.0-94-generic
KDE Plasma 5.24.7
digikam 7.5.0

Digikam has an “Import from Scanner” option. After starting Digikam, the import from scan function works ONCE and then can’t find the device.
Restarting Digikam seems to work but that’s not a solution.
“Document Scanner” app seems to work but it would be great if Digikam Import from Scanner would work more than once before needing a restart.

Have you tried a more recent version of Digikam to see if this happens there as well?

The Plasma and digiKam versions in Mint (Ubuntu 22.04 actually) are now a bit old.

Excellent. I’ll try that and report back.

Reporting back.
I installed flatpak Digikam 8.2.0.
Now, when I select the “Import” tab and then “Import from scanner…” a window pops up (“looking for devices, please wait”) -not unlike the previous install. However, with the new install, it actually returns two devices. Unfortunately, the two devices are the laptop’s webcam (one is IR and the other HD).
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to “manually” connect the scanner to digikam and I’m not sure why Document Scanner can find it but Digikam either cannot find it OR -as with the old version, find it once but then loses it after one successful scan.

No idea, I should have tested the appimage first or the flatpak. The appimage seems to be missing scanner support being built in to the self-contained binary, for me.

Flatpak I see the same issue you do - my scanner is wireless, and
works fine in Plasma, but here it also only sees my webcam and one of the two connection types I normally see for the scanner. I don’t see any flatpak permission issues, either, so maybe the flatpak also is missing something? Or I am overlooking a flatpak permissions setting top allow it to work properly.
(it seems to work fine with my webcam, lol!). The scanner does not work for me here, either.

Hoping that those with more digiKam-specific experience can chime in.

I am using the current release (KDE neon) and have no issues with scanning, even though the SANE scanner drivers and libraries are identical to what you have in Mint. My thought is that the older Digikam, or the older KDE bits (including the scanner UI bits that iirc digiKam is sharing, maybe) may be the issue.

The only other suggestion I have depends on if you are actually using Plasma on Mint. If you are NOT, you might consider using the Kubuntu-backports PPA to get Digikam 8.1, plus slightly more up to date Plasma libraries. But this is a bit more invasive, perhaps.

Thanks so much!
Good to know that I’m not experiencing a unique issue!
Yeah, could be an issue with Mint/KDE/Digikam.
Currently I’m successfully capturing scams with Document Scanner. I’d like access to some of the features Digikam offers but at least I’m able to scan photos!