Digikam on Linux and Windows

I use a dualboot computer with Kubuntu and Windows OS and, of course, I have a NTFS partition to share my file between Linux and Windows.
So, I know that the end of file line are different in linux and windows. Maybe, other things about file are different.
My question : Can I share the same digikam database file between the Linux and Windows version of Digikam ? …or that configuration will broke the database ?

Digikam uses either, depending on your choice, SQLite or MySQL… MySQL can be run as a local database or as a server on a seperate machine.

It is unlikely the SQLite DB can be shared. The data stored is OS centric. Even when it’s not 2 different databases SQLite has sharing issues, I tried to share SQLite between 2 Linux computers.

A MySQL database may solve the problem, but I suspect you may need to go to a server solution.

So I don’t want a server running permanently on my PC just for occasional use of digikam.

From your experience, it is not possible to share the same database on the same PC between 2 different linux. This is strange.
A single file “my_foto.db” on a NTFS partition shared for 2 different linux doesn’t work well?


It’s been a long time I didn’t used Digikam and then can’t check, but I suppose file paths are stored in database.
Then, as paths are different from a Linux and Windows it may not work.

Concerning 2 Linux, I suppose if files paths are exactly the same on both Linux it should work, but if paths are not the same you’ll probably have problems.

Anyway, the best thing to do on your side is to make a test :slight_smile:
Make a backup of your Digikam database before, and just test what happen.


Yes, I will make a test with 2 virtual linux using same database and running the same Digikam “.appimage” :wink:

Not really, the file paths are stored in the Database,. There will be different File paths, even though the file path scheme is the same. This can be worked around, but it is fragile, as I discovered.

Do this between Windows and linux is even worse. Windows will be looking for C:\spme\path\filename with Liun wil be looking for /home/user/pictures/filename. But which ever OS you first create the DB on with have the path.

If you are running with an SQLite database (the default) install DB Browser for SQLite. Open your digikam4,db file with that. The tables to look at is AlbunRoots.and Albums

That table controls your access to the top level Pictures folder. On my system that is

/run/media//Photos (Photos is a Samba Share to my server.

You might be able to do it if you have two seperate databases, one on windows and one on Linux, but there would be issues with updating changes.